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Underage Nude Girls



Related article: Blood Red Moon Chapter 02 body { margin: 0; background-color: #D0D8CD; scrollbar-base-color: #C9D1C6; color: #000000; } A:link { text-decoration: underline; color: #696A97; } A:hover { text-decoration: underline; color: #CC3300; } A:active { text-decoration: none; color: #CC3300; } A:visited { text-decoration: underline; color: #696A67; } p, li, dt, dd { font-family: "Arial", sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; text-align: left; color: #000000; } pre { color: #000000; } h1 { font-family: "Arial", sans-serif; font-size: 15pt; text-align: center; color: #4A735A; } h2 { font-family: "Arial", sans-serif; font-size: 13pt; text-align: left; color: #4A735A; } h3 { font-family: "Arial", sans-serif; font-size: 11pt; text-align: left; color: #000000; } .tleft { margin-left: 6px; font-family: "Tahoma", sans-serif; font-size: 8pt; text-align: left; } .tright { margin-right: 6px; font-family: "Tahoma", sans-serif; font-size: 8pt; text-align: right; } hr { height: 1px; border: 1px solid #4A735A; } .tmain { background-color: #EFF2EB; border: 1px solid #4A735A; border-collapse: collapse; } .tdark { background-color: #E8EBE4; border: 1px solid #4A735A; border-collapse: collapse; } Chapter 02 This story is purely fictional. However, some places mentioned do in fact exist, but certain things may be changed for the advantage of the story. This story will, at some point, include sexual relations between two males. If you don't want to read something like that, then leave. If you are under the age of 18 (21 in some areas), or if it is illegal for you to view this material, then you should exit out of this. This story is copyrighted and may not be copied for any reason, without the author's permission. Chapter 2 - Blue Eyed Angel... I'm a what? I ran and ran and ran. It was wonderful, the wind in my fur, the smell of the forest. It was like my dreams. Maybe I was dreaming. I didn't think so though. My hearing was as amazing as my sense of smell. I could hear things miles away and now I could truly hunt. I had a name now for the separate part of me, it was the wolf in me and Underage Fuck he was hungry. I knew where the deer were without thinking about it and I headed on silent feet for the herd sleeping in the tall grass. Did I mention that my feet were huge? I have no idea how such large feet can be so silent but I could walk and run without making a sound. I was in tune with all the life around me. I crept up silently and had the deer in my teeth and had snapped her neck before I knew I was even going to do that. The wolf had totally taken over. I was ripping through the hide and inhaling large amounts of steaming flesh. Somewhere in the back of my mind, my human self was screaming "OH GROSS!", but the wolf wasn't having any of it. He gloried in his kill and was totally enjoying himself. When I was finished with my kill and my stomach felt like I would never eat again, I lay down in the grass and rolled over. I didn't want to think about how much raw meat I had consumed. There goes my diet, I laughed. I was officially a killer, well that wasn't a surprise my dreams had been reminding me I was a killer for quite a while now. I rubbed my muzzle on the grass and licked my huge paws and cleaned the blood off. Then I headed for the stream I could hear trickling nearby. I felt extremely content and comfortable, at peace for the first time in a very long time. The wolf Underage Fuck was happy, I was happy and I had no idea why. But my mind kept thinking about the young man with the sky blue eyes. It was starting to get dark. I am not sure when I decided to go looking for the young man. Maybe it was the wolf who decided. I found myself drifting back to where my backpack and clothes were stashed. I found the place where I had last seen the young man. He was no where to be seen. His scent was here though and it smelled so nice. It Underage Fuck smelled like he had headed back to the farm. I wondered what he thought wolf tracks picking up where the human trail he had followed had disappeared. The wolf didn't care he was tired and so was I. The wolf wanted to sleep so I stretched my new muscles and curled up at the roots of a tree and fell asleep. When I woke up it was morning and I wasn't alone. I was naked and human but I wasn't cold. A huge mound of gray and white mottled fur was curled up beside me keeping me warm. I screamed and made a leap for the other side of the tree. My scream awoke the owner of the fur. It was the largest wolf I had ever seen, it stood up and peered at me curiously. It could have been a pony it Underage Fuck was so huge, its shoulders reached well above my waist and its head looked me straight in the eyes, beautiful sky blue eyes, Underage Fuck very rare for a wolf I thought but not unheard of. I kept the tree between it and me as I watched it closely for any sign of aggression. It yawned, sat up and cocked its head sideways at me curiously. Then looked down my previous trail back towards the farmhouse and the young man and began to growl softly. Was someone coming up Underage Fuck the trail? I made a run for the bushes and dug up my clothes, what was left of them, and my duffel bag of scavenged tools, from beneath the hedge. I quickly pulled my jeans on, which were still intact but the shirt would need to be fixed. The buttons were all missing and there were tears along the seams. My jacket was intact and I quickly slipped it over my tattered shirt. My underwear was missing. I grabbed my duffel and cut across my previous trail and headed for the stream. I ran, barefoot because my shoes were missing, through the stream and headed roughly towards my sanctuary. If I could get there without having someone follow me I would be safe. It was a while before I realized that the white gray wolf was following right along with me. It was not at my feet like a dog would be, but it was running parallel to me. Keeping me in sight but finding its own path. I guess my wolf self must have made a friend although I didn't remember seeing any other wolves Underage Fuck when I was one myself. Maybe I had a black out while I was the wolf. I didn't want to think about my time as a wolf. I didn't know what it meant and I wasn't ready to even begin to deal with it emotionally. The wolf didn't seem aggressive so I wasn't going to complain. It would take care of itself and hopefully it wouldn't decide I was lunch. It would go away eventually. I was pretty sure that no one would be able to trail me back to the cottage now. I ran straight into the cottage and felt immediately like I was safe. The wolf followed right through the nonexistent door and stood there looking around expectantly. "What?" I looked at the wolf. It shook itself and sat down looking at me and glancing out the door every now and Underage Fuck then as if it was expecting someone. I ignored it and went to my small stash of clothing in the corner of the cabin and found socks and a pair of sneakers I had scavenged earlier along a river bank. They had been left behind by some swimmer but Underage Fuck they fit fairly well. I began going through my bag of tools. I was rather proud of my spoils. I promised myself I would return them and I would leave money for the twine and the nails too. "I know stealing is wrong." the wolf looked like it was disgusted as I pawed through my bag. "I'm going to return them. I just need to make a few improvements." The wolf seemed to consider and Underage Fuck looked up at the roof and shook its big head and lay down with its head on its paws, watching. "I'm talking to a wolf... I am still heading for a rubber room." I mumbled to myself. I walked over to where I had stockpiled some wood and started a fire in the fireplace. The instant warmth from the fire took the chill out of the cottage quickly. I was soon smiling and humming to myself. I had scavenged a stainless steel bucket and a couple pots during the summer and put some water on to boil to clean up. The wolf stretched out in front of the fire to watch me as I moved about the cabin singing. I know singing isn't very manly but I missed music. A radio was one of the luxuries I didn't have. I took off my jacket and hung it on a nail. I took Underage Fuck off my tattered shirt and put on a t-shirt. I dug a sewing kit out of my backpack and repaired the shirt and put new buttons on it. When you live on your own, you learn to make all the necessary repairs to your wardrobe yourself, including sewing. Then I began fixing the other little things I knew how to do. I hung the shutters on the outside of the cabin windows checking for rotten wood that would not hold up through the season. I was surprised that the wood was sound. I found the remains of the door. It was in an awful state, beyond repair. I removed the hinges and used the hatchet to chop it up for kindling. I wasn't sure what I was going to do about the door. I would need a door. Where could I scavenge a door? I sighed a bit ... The water was hot now and I took it off the fire carefully and made a cup of tea. The wolf watched me as I pulled the mint leaves from my store of goods and brewed the tea. I had found the wild mint about 3 days ago in a patch that covered a large section of the forest floor. It made a great tea. It was hot and warmed me inside out. It was the middle of the day but I was exhausted. I took off my jeans and pulled on a pair of shorts and climbed into my sleeping bag. The wolf just continued to lay in front of the fireplace with its eyes closed, I guess it was sleeping. I was so tired. I stretched out in my sleeping bag I was almost instantly asleep. The nightmare began again. I was in the one of the many foster homes. They all looked pretty much the same in my dreams, all the same blurry gray. I stumbled from room to room trying to get out of the house and away from the man that was crashing through the house chasing me. He laughed evilly, I would never forget that laugh as long as I lived, as I ran in slow-motion and he gained on me. It always terrified me. I knew it was only a matter of time before he caught me. I must have been crying out in my sleep because the white gray wolf came over and lay down next to me. I woke just enough from the dream to know he was there. It was so surreal, I didn't even notice how strange it was to have a wild wolf lay down beside me and put its huge head across my stomach. It just seemed natural. His presents must have scared the nightmare off. A new dream began, I was running through the woods but now I wasn't alone. I was watching the wolf running with me. It was my huge white gray wolf one minute then it was the young man then back to the wolf again. We ran through the forest, playing and chasing. We hunted together and ate side by side. It was a good dream, strange but good. Dawn was just beginning to awaken the world when I awoke and the wolf was gone. I had slept through the previous afternoon and through the night. The cottage was cold. The fire had burned out. His absence brought all my fears and confusion to the front. What was I? It was finally hitting me now that I had turned into a wolf the day before... or was it two days before. What was I? Surely not a werewolf! All the stories I had ever heard of that creature were related to the moon and silver bullets and hunting people. They were supposed to be mindless creatures that looked half human half wolf that would kill people for their evil pleasure. I was surely not that. I could remember being the wolf. I knew my brain was in the animal. I couldn't be a werewolf at least not in the traditional mythological sense, could I? Maybe the bloodthirsty evil hunting people stuff came later? I tried to shake the fear that was forming around my heart. Maybe I would become a killing monster if I had been closer to where people lived. Maybe I wasn't safe around people? Maybe because I was in the woods where nobody could get near me I would be a safe monster, but I hadn't attacked the young man when he had walked past me. I wasn't mindless. But I was a wolf? Maybe it wouldn't happen again. I sat with my arms wrapped around my knees and rocked. It took a long time for the shuddering to begin to stop. I would just about get a handle on it and another wave would hit me as I thought about going crazy or being an animal. Half the day passed with me rocking and holding my knees, unable to get a grip on my emotions as my mind ran in circles. I felt so entirely alone that it made me literally sick. I felt nauseous like I was going to throw up but couldn't. Fear had me rooted to Underage Fuck the spot rocking trying to sooth myself. I tried to pull myself together literally by clutching my knees to my chest so tightly it became a struggle to keep breathing. It was afternoon and I was still curled into my fetal position with my Underage Fuck face in my knees, and my arms trying to hold myself together, still shuddering with my own fear. I began to cry. My face had become streaked with tears by the time Underage Fuck I saw the wolf walk in the door. He came over to me instantly whining softly to sit beside me as I cried. I felt a little better that he was there I didn't feel so alone. "What am I?" I asked the wolf softly between my tears, panic coloring my voice. The wolf whined softly and shoved its nose between my hands and licked my tears away with its tongue. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pushed his body up against mine. Sob after sob wracked my body, my tears soaking into the Underage Fuck wolf's fur as I hid my face in his side in shame. He would rub his face against my face or chest and I would hear a soft whine but he never complained as the tears flowed. I sobbed myself out holding tightly, my fists full of white fur. When the sobs finally quit coming this time, I felt better. I felt more like myself. I took a couple of steadying deep breaths and ran my hand from the wolf's head to his shoulder. He was soaked, a strangled laugh choked from me as I felt his salt soaked fur. "Sorry." I whispered into his coat as I wrapped my arms around him again in a hug this time. Even if he was just an animal, he had helped me to regain my balance and my sanity when it was slipping away from me. I wasn't alone. "Thank you." I sighed holding him tight. He seemed to almost purr for a moment his head was snuggled close to mine and it rubbed gently against my cheek. Can wolves' purr? I didn't think so... It was well into the afternoon. I was loosing the day, I couldn't afford to loose any time with winter looming. I got up from my sleeping bag and stretched sore muscles. I washed my face in water from my bucket and brushed my teeth. It made me feel better, more like myself. Enough wallowing in self pity already, I couldn't afford it. I didn't have time for it. I should know better. No one was kind to those who couldn't take care of themselves. It was survival of the fittest and I obviously needed to be stronger. "I should've gone into town today. I need to get some supplies and I need to stop at the library." The wolf looked at me with a strange look on its face and shook its head. "What you don't think I should go to town?" as if it could know what I said. I laughed a shaky laugh still not quite myself. That rubber room was starting to look good. I stood up and stretched and reached for my clothes. The wolf got up and went outside. I hurried, changed out of my shorts and put on my jeans. I was hungry. I grabbed an apple from my stash. I had found a wild crab apple tree a couple days previously and they were ready to eat. I had a substantial stash of them and they made a good breakfast in a pinch. I grabbed the burlap sack I had scavenged earlier in the season and headed for the door. I would pick up cans along the roadside and turn them in at the recycling station for a couple extra bucks and then I would go to the Underage Fuck landfill and see if I could find some plastic sheeting to line the inside of the windows to keep out the winter wind. But first of all I had to go to the library. I needed to find books on thatch roofing so I could fix my roof. I walked outside, apple in hand to find the wolf sitting in the afternoon sun outside the door. "You can't come into town with me you know." He didn't look at me. I was pretty sure it was a `He'. He just kept looking out into the forest. His fur glistened in the sun. He really was a beautiful animal. His fur was mostly white with just a touch of gray here and there. The gray markings were mainly around his face, eyes and ears. Then there was also some gray on his legs. The sun made his coat shine almost silver. I ate my apple and the wolf watched me almost expectantly. Then it started again, the pain that reached up and clawed its way through my stomach. I wanted to throw up but I couldn't the pain was too severe. My skin crawled. I was faster this time ditching my clothes, but the change seemed to be happening faster too. I got my shoes, jeans and my t-shirt off before the wolf exploded out from my body. I was panting hard when I finally opened my eyes. They were the eyes of the chocolate brown wolf. I had a tail, again. I stood a little unsure, again, on 4 paws and shook out my fur. My feet were huge, again. The wolf in me was exhalant to be free. I could feel his joy. He wanted to run and hunt. Except he saw the other wolf standing now a little ways off and he was immediately territorial and growling. NO! I screamed at him. This is my friend. He ignored me and growled warningly at the other wolf. The other wolf was trespassing on his territory. The other wolf's head dropped low and he snarled back at me. I was stunned at his behavior. He had never so much as growled in my presents. The fur on my back was on end, my head low in a menacing way. He approached me slowly his head low, growling warningly. We came together in front of the little cottage both of us growling and circling, fur on end sniffing. The other wolf smelled somehow familiar to him, the wolf in me. I told him it was because Underage Fuck the other wolf was with me all day. He didn't think that was it. The other wolf was larger than me, but only a little bit. My wolf knew we couldn't take him in a fight, he was older, but this was my territory, my sanctuary. I wanted to defend it. He growled but did not attack, he sniffed me from one end to the other and I carefully sniffed him in the same way. A whine escaped the throat of my wolf, and I found myself on my back with my feet in the air pawing playfully at him. He snarled and Underage Fuck his jaws were clenched around my jugular in seconds. He was dominant and my wolf told me he would follow him anywhere. I was terrified, my wolf was exultant. We were being accepted. He liked us, he told me. Then we were playing. The snarls, yips and nips were light and playful. We ran together through the woods, leaping over downed logs and splashing in the stream. We hunted as my wolf was famished and brought Underage Fuck down an elk. We both ate our fill till our bellies were distended with the meat. It was as if the dream from the other night was coming true. We ran and played and slept in the sun as the afternoon turned to evening. We curled up together in the warm sun, my chocolate brown fur mingling with his white gray as we snuggled close together. He rested his head on my paws and I rested my head over his shoulders. It was so comfortable. Snuggled close together we watched the sun set it turned the sky vivid red and purple as it headed into dusk. The wolf inside me was content. We had a pack and he was glorious. I lifted my head to look at him. He did the same looking deeply into my eyes. He Underage Fuck rubbed his face against mine, snuffling as he did. I Underage Fuck rubbed back it felt good, natural. We both stood and shook our coats. The sun was gone now and the moon was just beginning to rise on the horizon. I could feel it, expectantly. He opened his jaws and his tongue fell out in a wolfish grin. I cocked my head to the side. He took off running barking back at me. I took off after him, running, chasing him. He led me to an open meadow. We watched the moon rise over the horizon. Suddenly he threw back his head and set to howling. It was a deep throaty howl that ripped your soul from your toes. It called to me and I had to join in with a full throated howl before I even realized that the second howl came from me in perfect harmony to his. In the distance there was an answering howl and it wasn't just one but a chorus of howls. The sound shocked me. I dropped to my belly in fear. It was much to close for my wolf to feel secure. I looked quickly over at him. He seemed happy with the answer call and immediately howled again glancing Underage Fuck down at me cowering at his feet. The sound of his howl drove me to my feet and the answering howl ripped from my lips before I could stifle the sound. There was danger very close. Strange wolves were very close and it wasn't safe Underage Fuck my wolf shivered inside my fur. He moved closer to me and draped his head over my shoulders in a protective manner. The wolf in me was immediately calm. The other wolf was here and he would protect me. We wandered then through the moonlight slowly back towards the cottage. The wolf in me didn't like the proximity of the other wolves. They were too close. I shouldn't... couldn't... stay at the cottage. We had to leave, I knew that. Regardless of what the other wolf thought I couldn't stay here. The other wolf would have to follow me away from here. My wolf was sure that he could make the other follow. When I woke up, I was human, in my sleeping bag and it was early morning. I was alone. The white gray wolf was gone. I got up and stretched. It was very clear that I could not stay here. The other wolves were too close. This was their territory and the white gray male was probably part of their pack. I had to move on. I was a bit disappointed at the thought of having Underage Fuck to leave. I like the cottage. I had already begun the work to fix it. Oh well, I had to return the tools to the farm before I left. I packed all my things in my duffel bag and my backpack. There really wasn't much to pack. I rolled up my sleeping bag and tied everything together. I would leave my backpack at the tree line above the barn and pick it up after I left the tools behind. I would head for the barn and then I would head for the nearest town to the south. I had some money. I could hitchhike my way south to warmer forests. Maybe the forests of the Southern California Rockies would be a good place to head for the winter. Still cold and snow but not like the winter I would have to face here. I had never traveled that far on my own but the wolf in me was sure we could do it. I could here him now even when I wasn't wearing fur. We wondered where the male wolf was now. Would he miss us? Would he follow our trail away from the cottage? It surprised me how much I was thinking of myself in the plural. I sighed and grabbed the duffel with the tools, my backpack and belongings and headed out. It didn't take me long to get to the barn. In fact it took me much less time than I had expected. I could run now effortlessly over large distances. Part of me was thinking that maybe this thing wasn't so horrible after all. I wasn't even winded when I arrived at the tree line above the barn. I dropped my backpack and sleeping bag and hid them in the bushes at the base of a large tree just inside the tree line, well off the main trail. I sprinted to the barn. There wasn't anyone around. I put the tools back where I had found them. I had the strangest sense of de'ja' vu when I realized I was being watched and turned suddenly to see the young man leaning against the far door with his arms crossed, smiling at me. Again, I noted that he was beyond handsome. Again, I sprinted for the tree line. He was on my heals this time, but I still had a bit of a head start and I was faster even though he was taller and his legs were longer. I poured on the speed when I hit the trees. I leaped over downed logs and let the wolf in me tell me where to go. He had me running like the wind. I headed for the stream and was running downstream and then across. He was still following but falling farther and farther behind. When the wolf felt pretty certain that we had lost him I began circling back around towards the barn. I needed to pick Underage Fuck up my stuff. Soon I was back at the tree line, looking down at the farm. I found my backpack and sleeping bag, pulling them from the undergrowth that had hidden them, when he walked around from the far side of the tree that was hiding him. "Thanks for bringing back the tools" he smiled, his hands raised in surrender. I watched him carefully as I continued to put my backpack on. I didn't say anything. I didn't intend to. "My Underage Fuck name is Andrew. Who are you?" he leaned against the tree with his arms crossed, smiling at me. Wow he was dazzling, that smile could stop traffic that was if you could get passed those eyes to notice it. I didn't say anything, just looked at him my eyes narrowed with suspicion and put my backpack in place across my back with the sleeping bag hanging on the bottom. I didn't want to talk to him. I didn't trust him. Nobody had the right to look as handsome as he did. I tried to ignore it. I started walking back into the woods and he was following me again. I took Underage Fuck off at my new found wolf jog. The backpack didn't seem to make it any more difficult to run than without it but I was a bit slower with the extra weight. I wasn't running to get away from him this time. I just tried to pretend he wasn't there. He kept pace Underage Fuck with me. He didn't say a word just ran along. I kept going heading due south west. I knew that eventually I would run out of the hills and then have to look for a highway. I was probably a good hour into my run and he was still there. I shook my head and sighed. I figured he would eventually tire, stop and go back to his farm. I couldn't figure out what he was doing. I stopped and he stopped with me looking at me expectantly. "What do you want? I returned your stuff, now leave me alone." "You haven't told me your name yet." he smiled at me with that devastating grin. It stopped my heart for a second. He wasn't winded at all. What was he a marathoner? Of course, I wasn't winded either but I was part wolf. "I'm not going to tell you my name. You don't need to know it. I'm not going to Underage Fuck be here." I looked around trying to keep from getting pulled into those eyes. I was almost back at the cottage and I knew where the river was from here. I needed a drink. "Why are you leaving?" the smile was gone replaced by a frown. He looked confused almost sad. "Because I don't belong here, I don't belong anywhere. It is just time to hit the road." I walked up to the little stream and drank deeply. It was cold and good. I missed my wolf friend. I wondered where he had gotten too. The water felt like it would be iced over soon. If I was going to make it south I had to get going or I was going to get stuck here and have to turn myself in. I would have to ask for a home that allowed pets... "Just go home, it was nice to meet you Andrew and thanks for the tools." I headed off again straight south at my jogging pace. He didn't follow me this time. It was a relief. Looking into his eyes was like looking into his soul. It was unsettling. I couldn't understand the feelings that those unguarded eyes created in me. I wasn't use to people who didn't hide themselves. With him it was all there for the world to see right in his eyes. What a dangerous and painful way to live. If people saw too much of you they would know how to hurt you. I kept running through the woods. I was heading straight south. I didn't really know how I knew I was going precisely south but I was sure I was right. I soon had left the cottage in the dust far behind me. It could now go back to nature. My little renovations would soon mean nothing. I felt kind of sad about that. I really like the cottage. It would have been a nice way to spend the winter. The afternoon continued on as I wolf jogged on through the woods. It was natural and unhurried yet the miles seemed to be eaten up beneath my feet. I was soon emerging from the woods and the highway was stretched out in front of me. It would be dark soon, dusk was setting in. I was unsure, do I stay on the highway and make a bid for the next town or do I stay in the woods for one more night. I decided that I would stay in the woods one more night and head out in the morning. I really wasn't in any hurry to get to any towns. I was reluctant to leave these woods. They felt as close to home as I had ever come. Maybe my white gray wolf would find me here at the edge of the woods. I moved back into the Underage Fuck trees and made a camp, the dark had come on quicker than I had expected. I had stretched out my sleeping bag under the Underage Fuck trees and I was thinking about starting a campfire when I heard it. It was the most mournfully sad howling. It began almost immediately after the sun had set. The wolf in me wanted to howl back but I made him be quiet. I sat on my sleeping bag with my arms wrapped around my knees Underage Fuck holding myself together, but he wasn't having any of it. Before I realized it, the pain in my stomach was starting. I knew that meant I didn't have much time. The mournful howling continued as I struggled to shed my clothes as the transformation took over. It was going to be a problem if I couldn't control when it happened, but it was getting easier, less painful this time than the other times. Maybe it was because I knew what to expect. I was no sooner in my fur coat than the wolf in me set to howling at the top of his lungs. The answering howl was quite a way off but was joyful and ended with a yip and my wolf knew that he was coming. He was excited. I thought, what was I supposed to do with a wild wolf when trying to hitchhike? He could hardly keep up with the cars. The wolf in me didn't care. He ran towards the sound of the howl to meet him. It didn't take long, and he was leaping into the air when he saw me and tackling me. We ran and played all night. We hunted together early in the morning bringing down a deer and stuffing ourselves. We lay in the early morning before the sunrise and snuggled into each others fur. He was warm, loving and wonderful. The wolf was happy. I had been trying to leave this contentment and I was loosing. I was the person here I told my wolf. It was my life not his. I fell into the dreamless sleep of the wolf. When I woke up later, dawn was just peaking over the tree tops. I was still the wolf and Andrew sat against the tree looking down at me stroking my fur. He was smiling down at me, a guilty grin on his face. "I wondered when you would wake up my sleeping Beauty." he said softly. He was wearing a pair of jeans now, but his chest was bare and he was barefoot. He wasn't the least bit concerned that he was stroking the fur of a large chocolate wolf. The wolf in me knew he was the white Underage Fuck gray wolf immediately. His nose could not be fooled. He stood up and began rubbing against Andrew and a happy thrumming sound came from my chest. I guess wolves could purr because I was. I of course was appalled that Andrew was the wolf I had spent so much time with day after day in the cottage. I was embarrassed and ashamed. It was his fur I had cried into. But the wolf in me was just overjoyed to see him and that he was still here. "You know you should really just come home with me. The others would be more than happy to meet you. There really is no danger. I would protect you my Beauty." I shook my fur. Both of us were in agreement that this was not a good idea. The fact he was calling me Beauty had not been missed though. It was humiliating. I wasn't some beautiful wolf or girl that he had found. Still we did not want to go anywhere near the other pack, although we wanted to be near him. What was this feeling I had for Andrew? I was so confused. I had never wanted to be around anyone before. The wolf thought the danger of being around other wolves was too high and so did I. I didn't trust people, even wolf people. But now that I saw Andrew I didn't want to leave him either. I wanted him to stay with me. I shook my head and my fur and lay back down beside him. I put my head in his lap, pushing Underage Fuck my head against his chest and sighed. "I don't understand why you are so reluctant." he sighed putting Underage Fuck his hand on my head. "I can protect you. No one would hurt you. My mother and father would be thrilled to meet you. We have Underage Fuck a fairly small pack. There are my two younger brothers and my baby sister. My uncles and their wives and my cousins are spread out across this part of the black hills. I wish I knew where you had come from. We don't see too many of our own kind passing through. There are very few of us you know. When I saw you in the barn that first day, I didn't know you were like us till I found in the woods where you had transformed." I listened to him intently. Absorbing every word like it was nectar from heaven, but I continued to growl softly. The lush silky tones of his deep voice soothed my soul. I nuzzled more into his chest. He chuckled softly, stroking my fur. "I went looking for your people. I was sure they had to be close by. We don't usually travel by ourselves, it's uncomfortable you know, but I couldn`t find anyone. I had to go back to the farm to tell my family that you were here. Later when I returned you had transformed back to human but you were alone and cold. I transformed and stayed with you and kept you warm. I figured they would come find you eventually and take care of you. You were nervous at first when you awoke, but didn't seem to mind me. I didn't realize you didn't know what you were till I came back to the cabin the next day and found you crying. I was afraid to transform then because I didn't want to scare you. You were so upset and it was then that I realized you were all alone. I tried to comfort you as best I could. I didn't know what to do. We usually grow up knowing what we are. Our families are so tightly bound together its inconceivable to me that you couldn't know what you are. I grew up watching my family transform before my eyes, pulling the tails and ears of the adults, and waiting till puberty when the first change occurs. I knew when you were sobbing with confusion that I couldn't leave you. You wouldn't know what to expect. So I stayed close waiting for the wolf to emerge again." He was gently stroking my head and shoulders the entire time he spoke, gently, softly. He was being so kind. "We are shape shifters, sometimes called skin walkers. It depends on what part of the world you are in. Some of us with more pure bloodlines can take more than one shape but most just take one other shape. In this part of the country it seems to be predominately a wolf thing, although I have an uncle who is a bear and a cousin who is an eagle." I lifted my head to look at him, startled. "We are a very old, long lived race, second only to the immortals, the Vampires. Our lives can extend for thousands of years, forever. The oldest of us remembers when our people were free. He is ancient but he remains vital and strong. He has learned to transform into numerous forms over the centuries. He says each form brings its own understanding and wisdom. He appears middle aged 35 or 40. There is no sign of actual physical age on his body." he spoke of the ancient shape shifter with the respect and reverence of someone for their gods. I whined a bit and looked off towards the south. I was contemplating making a run for it, the concepts were so strange. I didn't know what to think. Could I run away from it? I doubted it this would be with me now. "Please don't leave. Whatever it is we can fix it. I will help you. You don't have to be afraid. You don`t have to be alone." his hand never left my shoulder. I put my head back down into his lap and pressed it against his stomach with my eyes closed and sighed. It was kind of nice not to be alone. I really wanted to trust him, but I didn't trust anyone. I really didn't know how to begin to trust someone. It was a very foreign idea to put trust in another person. Well it wasn't like he was just any other person. He was a shape shifter like me. Maybe I could trust him but trusting others had never ended well before. Besides it wasn't like I wouldn't know what he was thinking, it was all there to read in those sky blue eyes. I listened intently. I wanted it to be true. I wanted to feel safe. The wolf felt extremely safe now with our head in his lap and listening to his silky deep voice. Still I was terrified. I was afraid to believe in him. I had never had a home. I didn't know what that was but these woods felt like what a home should feel like I thought. There was never anywhere that I felt wanted or even comfortable for that matter, except for right at this moment with my head in his lap. He continued to stroke my head and shoulders quietly waiting. I felt the stress leaving my body I was relaxing and as he kept stroking my fur I relaxed more. I knew that I would change back to a person soon and so did he. I was sure he could feel it. "We had better go and find your clothes," He smiled down at me, "unless you want to walk around the woods naked. I don't mind but you might catch a cold." he teased. I growled menacingly and he laughed. I did not want to end up naked no matter if we were both boys and that he had seen it all before and for some reason he called me Beauty. Maybe he just hadn't gotten a good look. I got up and shook out my coat. I headed back towards the highway at a brisk jog. We weren't far from my campsite. He kept up in human form able to run almost as fast as he could in wolf form. We were by the highway in a couple of minutes, back at my campsite, my clothes scattered about it haphazardly. Andrew moved to stand at the edge of the woods looking down at the highway and I stayed in my campsite. I could feel the change coming on. When I came out of the woods he was leaning against a tree with my backpack at his feet. When he saw me his eyes softened and he smiled, "Hello Beauty." I brushed off my jeans and dusty t-shirt. I tried to pick the leaves from the rat's nest that was my hair. "Beauty... hardly", but I smiled back at him, shaking my head in bewilderment. "So, do I get to know your name now?" he was smug a little condescending as he teased. His eyes glittered, happy. "Lance... Nice to really meet you Andrew" I sat down in front of the tree, pulling a comb from my backpack, and attempted to get it through my hair. He chuckled and Underage Fuck sat down behind me, took the comb from my hand and began to work it through my long brown hair. "So where are your people?" "I have no idea. I have always been alone. I have been in the foster system for as long as I can remember. I have never had a family. I have never had a permanent home. I don't even know my parents names. I have been shuffled from state to state. I couldn't even tell you where I started out at for sure. I don`t trust people... easily." I warned him seriously. His hands paused in my hair, stunned but quickly continued working. "You are free. That is something I never could be." Andrew murmured more to himself than to me, but I caught it anyway. It wasn't the response I was expecting. I was prepared for pity and apologies but not his sadness or could that be envy? "What do you mean? You aren't free?" I stammered confused. "Our kind is born into servitude. Until we Underage Fuck are freed by our Benefactor, our Master, and that does not happen. Our stories tell us that it is possible, but I have Underage Fuck never seen it happen to anyone in my family or met anyone who was ever freed." "You can stay, but I can't leave. I am tied to these hills. I am tied to my family and my Master. I can go no farther than that highway. I can`t cross it or follow it for more than a couple miles along this side of it." "What would your master do if he found me?" a chill ran up my spine. "Maybe nothing, it means nothing to him if you are here. He probably wouldn't even realize that you were different from the rest of us. He does not notice change. He is very ancient and very preoccupied. He doesn't come around much. If he calls we go to him." Andrew pulled me back against his chest a bit, inhaling the scent from my hair. He cradled me against his chest, his arms wrapped gently around my shoulders and folding in front of me. It was as if he was afraid that I would sprint to the other side of the road and be forever beyond his reach. I couldn't understand his feelings. We were both guys but maybe it didn't matter for him. He wanted me to stay. It made me nervous to be held by Andrew like this. It felt so intimate but I didn't want him to let go of me either. My wolf loved being held by him. He said to just relax Underage Fuck and enjoy it. He was right; it felt so good to be touched by Andrew, held by him. That was a first for me. I didn't usually like being touched. I relaxed against his chest. "If you won't come back to the farm with me, then at least stay at the cottage. I will help you fix it up and stock it for the winter. It could be our place, maybe, if you will let me share it with you. I can come and stay with you sometimes and you can get to know my family slowly. I will teach you about our people and then in the spring you can decide what you want to do." Andrew pleaded now. "Please Lance. Please stay." A shock went through my body as he said my name. It sounded music on his lips and I was glad I was facing away from him. It made me happy when he said my name. My wolf danced at the sound of it. I couldn't deny him. The wolf in me howled that we had to stay and that he wouldn't leave Andrew. I turned around to look into his sky blue eyes and I shyly reached up to touch his beautiful face. I wasn't sure why I was agreeing to this, it was against my better judgment. Connections were a bad idea, trusting others was a bad idea. I would regret it, I was sure. "Ok, I will stay at the cottage for now, no promises. If you want to help me get it ready for winter you can. You can come and see me whenever you want. We will decide what to do from there." I could hear myself saying it but I almost couldn't believe the words were coming out of my mouth. But it really was getting late in the season and if he was going to help, I was sure the cottage would be fixed quickly and it would be an easier place to stay than having to go back into the system again. I couldn't survive the system now. A brilliant smile lit up his face and my breath was taken away by his happiness. He hugged me close. He was so happy it made my soul sing. He was really too good looking for his own good. I couldn't understand his joy. It confused me. It was contrary to everything I had ever known of people. I really hoped that this wouldn't turn out badly, I liked him and I hadn't given myself permission to like him yet or even begin to trust him, but it was too late for that now. I already trusted him. I was amazed to find that he had all the snarls and leaves brushed out of my hair. He handed me the comb and I put it back in the backpack. He pulled me to my feet. We rolled up my sleeping bag and dismantled my little camp. He pulled my backpack and sleeping bag over his shoulders and I grabbed my empty duffel and we took off at a slow gentle jog back towards the cottage. It felt good. Like this was the right decision. I hoped that it was. I was putting a lot of trust in him. More than I had ever dared to in any other person in my entire life. I hoped it wasn't a Underage Fuck mistake because it would hurt terribly if I was mistaken. Underage Fuck
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